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>> i'm frank somerville. we have live team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the fireworks forecast. first though to amber lee in the city this evening where preparations are underway for tomorrow night's big fireworks show. >> tomorrow night the water front will be packed with people especially here at fisherman's wharf. the barricades are ready to go. those stopping signs are up. all part of the preparations for the big fireworks show. >> reporter: pyrotechnic crews are working on two barges. they're wiring explosives that will be synchronized with patriotic music to create the fourth of july fireworks show. each year there's something new. >> changing up some of the patterns and colors and things of that nature but it's a good ruckus 25 minutes of fireworks and colors and happiness. >> reporter: part of the problem is dealing with the fog that often threatens to obscure
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the show. >> different elevations, different altitudes. sometimes it will be nice and low and sometimes it's high. >> reporter: along the water front, street musicians entertain the summer crowds while merchants are preparing for the extra business. high dive will be offering drink specials such as this cocktail, the firecracker. the bar plans to open early on the fourth of july. the manager tells me the holiday brings in customers all day. >> right before the fireworks we usually have a pop and everybody goes and watches and everybody comes back. >> reporter: at pompeii's grotto, the manager says extra employees are scheduled to work the holiday. she says what happened july 4th last year is a good indicator of what's to come. >> on the street there's people just standing there just to get the view of the fireworks for two hours. they wouldn't move because they don't want to lose the spot. >> reporter: people along the water front tell us they plan to be back for the independence day celebration. >> in this political climate
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it's nice to just take a step back and all come together and enjoy the day and think about our country and feel a bit more united. >> everybody does seem to band together to celebrate on such a beautiful, wonderful day. >> reporter: the fireworks will be set off from two barges. one at pier 39. the other at aquatic park. the show is scheduled to start at 9:30 and last 25 minutes. the show producer tells me 5,000 effects will be fired off from each barge to create this spectacular show. >> live in the city tonight, amber, thank you. we want to go now to chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. are we going to see some fog tomorrow night? >> you are. it's july. and it's san francisco. you bet we're going to see fog. we always do. very rarely do we get a perfect night around here. but what's different is this fog isn't the fog that's going to be pinched way down at the coast. it's going to give us poor visibility. this fog is up and over the top of the hills.
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the inversion is fat. it's deep. so the fireworks, we showed earlier in the 10:00 news some of the fireworks over at the coliseum and some of the fireworks at marin county fair. they look great. the clouds kind of help reflect. here's the forecast for tomorrow in san francisco. because that's the one that's most fog defendant. here's the thing. you need jackets. i don't care where you are in the bay area. anywhere around the bay. inland, inland bay valleys, not as much. but around the bay, a cool one tomorrow. plenty of fog. yes, there will be fog. and yes, it will go off without a hitch. just dress warmly and take mass transit in to the city. it's going to be busy. i'll see you here with the complete forecast. the oakland as celebrated independence day a day early with fireworks after tonight's game. they exploded over the coliseum and lit up the sky just a short time ago. this is one of six fireworks nights hosted by the oakland as. fans were invited to sit on the outfield grass to enjoy the show. in the south bay thousands of people got a chance to watch fourth of july fireworks.
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great america in santa clara tonight celebrated the holiday with bombs bursting in the air. south bay authorities say they're cracking down on illegal fireworks and hope professional shows such as this one will cut down on those backyard celebrations. in san jose the rotary club is putting the finishing touches on its annual show. >> it's the largest in the bay area next to san francisco and you can't really see san francisco sometimes because it's foggy, so i'd say it's the largest in the bay area that you can see. >> in addition to the rotary club show at discovery meadow, there are fireworks planned for tomorrow night at the san jose giants stadium and at the lake as well as another show at great america. with the excitement of the fourth of july fireworks also unfortunately comes the danger. every year thousands of people all across the country are injured by fireworks. ktvu's tom vacar has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: the most reliable
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national statistics from the national fire protection association and u.s. consumer product safety commission presented grizzly picture of fireworks on and about the fourth of july. in 2013 fireworks were responsible for 15,600 fires. 14,000 of them outside fires. last year that number increased to 18,000 fires. 1400 of those were structure fires and 200 were vehicle fires. in fact, about half the fires reported on the fourth of july were caused by fireworks. in 2014, 35% of the patients seen in emergency rooms between june 20th and july 20th were underage of 15, 9% were under 5. more than half the injuries are from burns. some 10,000 people are hospitalized each year after fourth of july fireworks injuries. the total annual cost of more than $100 million. by far sparklers cause the most
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injuries. 28%. consider this. at 1200 degrees fahrenheit, a sparkler is six times hotter than boiling water. more than twice as hot as wood burns. and 300 degrees higher than molten glass. the mere possession of illegal fireworks including firecrackers, sky rockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, or anything that explodes, flies, or moves along the ground can lead to a $50,000 fine even some jail time. but if anybody gets hurt with one of these things, then the problems get much worse. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> on we've posted a list of some of the fourth of july events across the bay area. just look under web links. today a federal appeals court found the head of the epa, scott pruitt, overstepped his authority in trying to delay an obama era rule restricting harmful methane restrictions. the rule was supposed to take
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effect last month. it requires energy companies to capture methane that leaks or is burned off at drilling sites to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change. methane is wasted each year, that's enough to power about 5 million homes. president trump heads to poland on wednesday for the g20 summit in germany. he's also expected to sit down with russian president vladimir putin. fox news reporter tells us some of the challenges facing president trump, as well as the possible upside for the white house. >> reporter: the president spending the 4th here in washington, but his travel itinerary for the rest of the week is pretty extensive. and one meeting in particular could be quite challenging. >> reporter: arrests in germany ahead of this week's g20 summit. protesters have used boats, even giant puppets of president donald trump and other world leaders to make their point, especially on issues like climate change. but the official meetings here may be overshadowed by another
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on the sidelines. a chance for russian president vladimir putin and president trump to meet face to face. >> obviously i'm not going to get ahead of the president's conversation. >> reporter: the white house won't say much about the meeting but there should be plenty to talk about, including allegations of russian interference in last year's election as a special counsel investigates possible links between russia and the trump campaign. so far no evidence of collusion, but the president's critics will watch the putin-trump meeting closely to see if the subject comes up. >> i hope it does and not just that they have a good laugh about it. >> reporter: the president has long maintained there was no collusion but there are other likely topics of discussion, including what to do about syria and north korea, and the white house no doubt looking for a dose of good coverage on an international stage. >> remember last time he went on the european trip, there was a lot of good press that came out of it i think largely because the twitter was chaperoned. >> the president's challenges
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won't end with the putin meeting. he's been calling for european allies to spend more on defense. at the same time he may have to defend his administration's decision to pull out of the paris climate change agreement. doug luzader, fox news. parks will reopen for the fourth of july with a deal to end the three-day government shutdown there. all nonessential services were closed including parks and beaches. governor chris christie caught a lot of heat when he was photographed with his family on one of those closed beaches over the weekend. christie defended himself saying he had already announced his vacation plans. people being turned away from state parks weren't buying it. >> how do you explain how his house stays open and the beach is closed? how do you explain that? how can you honestly rationalize that? >> the budget deal should allow state workers to return to their jobs wednesday and beaches and parks to reopen tomorrow. federal reserve chief janet yellen is back in washington, d.c. tonight after a hospital
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stay in london. the fed chair was in london for an event at the british economy and also stayed for a short family vacation. she was admitted to the hospital last friday with a urinary tract infection but she's apparently feeling fine now and plans to continue her regular work schedule. her last health scare happened a few years ago. she apparently got dehydrated during a speech and had to be helped off the stage. coming up, a mother's pain. tonight we hear for the first time from a woman who lost her two young boys in a deadly hit-and-run crash in the east bay. >> i wish i had perished along with my children just so i could be with them
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new at 11:00, berkeley police are investigating a vandalism spree that affected 30 cars friday night and saturday morning. the spray painted gates and the first 13 cars were found on hillside avenue, also vandalized with spray paint. another 17 cars were found on prospect street with their tires slashed. police say because the vandalized cars were all in the same general location and were damaged within a narrow timeframe, they believe those crimes are connected. three san francisco visitors were robbed over the weekend at a well known tourist attraction. the san francisco chronicle reports it happened about 10:30 saturday night at the twin peaks overlook. police say three people were taking pictures when a man approached them, said he had a gun, and took a camera, lens,
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and phones. no word of an arrest in that case. in sonoma county, sheriff's deputies released a picture of a man wanted in connection of the theft of an suv over the weekend. the press democrat reports it happened about 1:30 in the afternoon on sunday at the tides hotel in bodega bay. investigators say he took a nissan pathfinder, license plate number 5wzn878 from the parking lot. the car belongs to a hotel employee. if you recognize this man, sonoma county authorities would like to hear from you. a san pablo mother is speaking out tonight for the first time since a fatal hit-and-run crash in concord friday took the lives of her two young boys. her third child, a 3-month-old baby, is now fighting for his life. alyana gomez was outside the hospital tonight where the mother shared her heartbreaking story. >> reporter: words aren't enough to describe the
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insurmountable pain and heartache a parent feels after losing a child. >> the way i feel right now, i wish i had perished along with my children just so i could be with them. but i have to be strong and i have to be here for my baby who is in critical condition. and i have to be here to give him support so that i can get justice for his brothers. >> reporter: reyes was surrounded by the support of her family and close friends monday night as she tried to convey the pain she's feeling after losing her 5-year-old son vincent and her 10-year-old son lorenzo. all while her 3-month-old son clings to life inside the hospital as she prays for a miracle. >> they're giving us hope, but my baby is in critical condition. >> reporter: her dodge durango was t-boned in a high impact hit-and-run crash friday night as they approached the onramp on highway 4. the driver in an infiniti sedan was exiting the highway but
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instead of taking the curve, he went across the median, sliding in to the durango. >> he blindsided me. i never saw it happening. i never saw headlights. he came out of nowhere. the coward left. >> reporter: he fled the scene but was arrested the next day at the hospital when staff there noticed him and called police. 35-year-old lemuel wilson, jr. is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, hit and run causing great bodily injury, and driving on a suspended or revoked license. on monday we learned wilson was just released from jail a couple days before the accident. last wednesday a judge reduced his bail from $100,000 to $10,000 on charges of terrorist threats for a case in pleasanton. he bailed out thursday. the crash happened the next day. >> my children were good boys. they were bright boys. and you just don't understand the damage that you have done.
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>> reporter: her mission is to seek justice and is asking the community to stand behind her family in this fight. >> a mother to mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, please, please ask for justice for my reyes boys. >> she tells me she wants to thank the people who stopped at the scene that night to help her family and she also wants to thank the community for their support and generosity with this gofundme page. at last check, there was nearly $12,000 raised which will help her bury her two boys. in the studio tonight, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. one of seven people charged with the killing of a 30-year-old mother from oakland was sentenced today. 32-year-old jerry harvin was sentenced to 13 years in prison. last month he pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter after taking a plea deal. the deal came after a jury
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convicted three of men of second degree murder in the death of chyemil pierce. it happened in west oakland in 2015. pierce was an innocent bystander. she was down the street from the shooting and was trying to get her children inside her home when she was hit by a stray bullet and killed a few feet from her front door. >> 80 to maybe 100 rounds that were fired on the day in question. it was only by the great of god more people didn't die. i think mr. harvin realizes that and is truly repentant for what happened. >> two other men charged with pierce's death, shelton mcdaniels and julian ambrose, are expected to be tried later this year. another suspect took a plea deal that called for a six-year sentence in exchange for her testimony against the others. the holiday continues for many. i hope you had the weekend off. i hope you have tomorrow off. i hope you have the rest of the week off. weather is going to be nice. mild out there.
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it's not going to get real hot out there. there's fog along the coast. inland spots, we could see some maybe upper 80s, low 90s. that's tomorrow. then you see the fog along the coast and it will be everywhere tomorrow morning as it was this morning. so it's going to be a quick push of fog tonight. it's already pushing in. it's in to berkeley, oakland, hayward. there's a live camera shot outside. you can't see the fog but you can see the fog. it's up high. that's how it will be tomorrow night so no bones about it. tomorrow is going to look a lot like -- you look out your window. the fireworks will be going off around quarter to 10:00. so tomorrow night will be very similar to what you had tonight. then if you look tomorrow afternoon you're going to find a 90 or 91, but you're in brentwood now, modesto, stockton. you're on the edges of fairfield. so most of our temperatures tomorrow are going to be 60s and 70s around the bay. and then mid 80s inland. even vacaville and fairfield.
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85 in antioch. 86 in brentwood. so a nice looking day. good air quality. fire danger always high but not as high as it could be considering it's the fourth of july and the hijinks go on on the fourth of july. we have high fire danger because we're california. wet winter, dry summer. that's where we are. we're in the dry summer right now. did have a fire today down out by sacramento. they got on it quick. conditions there, 92 degrees. 24% humidity. so not bad for fighting fires. it's not good but it could be way worse. that's the pattern and it sticks with us through the bay area weekend. saturday and sunday, tomorrow is the 4th. pretty fun. i hope you got plans. if you do want to get warm, go inland a little bit, have a barbecue. if you're at the coast, you'll need jackets for sure. >> layer up. tomorrow night we'll be here bringing you all the fireworks shows from around the area. independence day came a day early for 2,000 hens rescued
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from a factory farm. they helped rescue them and bring them to a safe location called animal place in vacaville. they say older hens are typically killed when their egg production slows down. today she's hens had an opportunity to experience the sun, dirt, and fresh air for the very first time. they'll now be nursed back to help then put up for adoption in about a month. the as and white sox put on an offensive show tonight at the coliseum. mark will tell us who came out on top coming up next. ♪
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disneyland resort. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at hero up! the other teams in the nba must be just going, what do we have to do? now the warriors have got all of their crew all signed up. >> frank is still recovering from marleau. conversely the warriors are pretty much keeping everybody sorry. it is kevin durant stepping up as a true team guy. $9 million less is what he's
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accepting to help out ownership with regard to the luxury tax and also free up some money for the warriors to spend it on making sure that roster is pretty much together as of the championship season just completed. the warriors are doing a good job of knocking them down with regard to getting people re-up and kevin durant still two years, $53 million, and don't worry. eventually he'll get his max deal. going to have to be a little patient. i think he can hold over until then. the as are just streaky. six straight losses now in the wrong column, and the as, all of the sudden they can't hit. fireworks show tonight. it certainly didn't come during the game. that youngster has got a long wait ahead of her before the fireworks let off. rosales kind of had a feeling the as were going to break out of their batting slump when they get two quick ones here.
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two out stroke. it's a brief 2-1 lead. jerrell cotton had his troubles of late and tonight no exception. he'll be hit with his eighth loss so far this season. todd frazier had a couple hits. good for a two-run double. melky cabrera charging home. former giant, 3-2 chicago leading for good. and here's cabrera again down the 1st base line. takes a weird hop on yonder alonso. gold glover down there but he won't get that one. three hits for cabrera. in comes another run. the as, by the way, only five hits all night. 13 strikeouts. the long wait for the fireworks. i guess that show is probably over by now. six consecutive losses for the oakland as. here's a guy trying to make a career outside of the nfl. marshawn lynch. he retired for a little while, came back. here's another guy who has retired from the nfl as a
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running back. deangelo williams who just recently, in fact, last year played for the pittsburgh steelers. looking very healthy. scored four touchdowns. nothing wrong with that. but he's decided to take up wrestling. that's him in the -- i guess you'd call those purple trunks. he's still a physical specimen. he'll conduct what i've been told is a frog splash. i don't know if that was it but this is it. awful. the frog splash right there. i don't know about that. but we do need to check this out. some weird goings on around the base pads today in the major leagues. have a look and a listen. >> pulls it back again. little tapper. going to be a tough play. tejada. on his way to 3rd. he over-slides the base. might as well. he's on his way home. he's in a rundown.
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and he's -- oh, he scores! >> that shouldn't happen in a major league game right there. he's all worn out. that's orlando arcia of milwaukee. here's some great defense. carlos gomez, little bunt. then dustin pedroia backing up beautifully for the red sox. that's super alert. our play of the game. >> maybe we'll see the frog splash tomorrow. >> goodnight.
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